Performance Team

 The 2019-2020 Season

All competition students are required to attend a minimum of one technique class per week, or a total of 4 classes per month. Dancers are highly encouraged to attend both technique classes. If a dancer does not meet the technique requirements, they will not be allowed to continue in the performance classes. Keeping in mind your dancer’s hectic schedule, we offer technique two different days every week. Your dancer is also required to take one ballet class (performance or non-performance), separate from their technique requirement. As a school, we recommend to all dancers that they take tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, acrobats, and technique to be a well rounded and trained performer.

As always, we will offer classes in varying levels based on enrollment. If there is enough interest in a particular discipline, dancers will be split by ability into different classes. Any given dancer could be put into different levels for different disciplines based on their strengths. For example your dancer may be very strong in tap but not as strong in ballet, so they would be put in classes that will challenge but not frustrate them based on their level in each discipline. In the same respect, a dancer could be in an intermediate jazz and advanced tap based on what is required for each class. We will be making final decisions on levels during summer dance camp and technique. These classes will give your dancer even more time to get skills over the summer. Performance Team Dancers need to take Technique and/or Summer Camp in the months of July and August. Be sure to list night requests for your dancer(s). For example, if your dancer has made it on a dance team, let us know when the scheduled practices end so that we offer the classes they want to take are available to them. Or if you would like to keep their schedule down to 2 nights a week, Thursday will always be an all-dancer evening for rehearsals, but does not have to be their weekly class night.

We will be holding auditions for the Shining Lights Performance Troupe at Advanced Summer Dance Camp. Dancers earn their way into this class by learning a piece of choreography and auditioning during Advanced Dance Camp. This team, as always, will be held to very high standards. Shining Lights will be held for an hour at the end of Tuesday Performance Classes. Exact requirements for the Shining Lights Troupe will be described during Advanced Dance Camp. If you dancer is taking technique this summer but not camp and wants to audition, Audition class will be held the last 2 hours of Advanced Camp. Cost for the audition class is $50. Dancers that would like to be in Shining Lights next season must take Summer Technique and/or Summer Camp.

Dancers are only allowed to take private lessons (solo, duet, trio, quartet) if they are enrolled for other performance classes and technique. These private lessons will be scheduled for the fall after Advanced Dance Camp Showcase.

*Dress Code: Girls- Leotards, Boys – Fitted shirt will be required for All technique, ballet, lyrical, & contemporary classes or any class wherein the teacher requests it. *

Thursday nights will continue to be a performance night in our studio. Our Production numbers, technique, parents’ meetings and special rehearsal time are a part of this performance evening. Dancers need to keep Thursdays open so that we may better prepare for competition and performances as a whole studio. This will also be a night that we will use to improve communication between dancers, parents and teachers. Parents please remember that your cooperation and involvement are an integral part of a successful year.

Thank you for your continued interest and passion for our programs.
Keep on Dancin’!

Miss Dianna, Miss Marisa & Mr. Alex

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