Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to the education and training of your dancer.

Keeping the student-teacher ratio at no higher than 6-1 allows our teachers to give individual attention to every dancer. Our staff takes pride in providing a positive learning environment with the goal of building a strong relationship with every student.

Every member of the MDSOD staff has been a student at MDSOD ensuring their understanding of the goals of our studio, to help build strong character and intelligent dancers.

Our teachers are continually coached and educated on how to make every students experience a positive and fruitful endeavor through patients and understanding.

A MDSOD Teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind
& touches a Heart.


Miss Dianna

Miss Dianna Pfaff

Miss Dianna Owner and Dance Teacher Miss Diannas School of Dance

Miss Dianna began her dance education at two years old and has been dancing ever since!

Her education includes many schools throughout the Midwest, dance conventions, classes at the New York City Ballet and the Alvin Ailey School in New York City and a stint with the Kansas City Ballet.

Dianna has performed in many high school and community theaters and was inducted into the International Thespian Society in 1975. She also performed professionally at King Henry’s Feast for two years before quitting to have her first child, Miss Marisa in 1981 and then her son, Mr. Alex in 1985. She has continued to stay active in the theatre, choreographing musicals for the Park Hill and NKC school districts for over 25 years. Even earning a BlueStar award in recognition of her work.

Dianna has been a well respected member of the Northland Community giving her dancers the opportunity to perform at local parades, such as Gladfest, as well as Worlds of Fun, and Starlight Theater to name a few. Also do community outreach with performances at assisted living homes. She started teaching classes for the North Kansas City Community Education Department over 25 years ago giving young dancers the opportunity to experience the world of dance that may not have otherwise had the opportunity.

Dianna continues to be a part of her alma mater as a member of the Oakpark High School Hall of Fame and serves on the alumni board.

Dianna believes that dance offers young people the opportunity to build self-esteem while learning that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind to. Her dancers go on to prove this theory by becoming accomplished at whatever they choose to pursue. She takes pride in the amazing people that her dancers have become!

Dianna continues to enjoy teaching over 42 years later! She feels blessed to have spent her life and made her living in the world of dance!

Keep on dancin’ !

Marisa (Pfaff) Clevenger

Marisa (Pfaff) Clevenger 1

Marisa (Pfaff) Clevenger Head Lead Teacher Miss Diannas School of Dance

Marisa is a head competitive choreographer and teacher at Miss Dianna’s School of Dance. Since 1993 she has trained dancers of all levels and ages in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical modern, contemporary, latin and acrobats.

Marisa’s passion for dance began immediately watching her mom teach. One day Dianna took her out of her playpen and onto the dance floor…and she never stopped! Marisa started competing in dance and acrobats at age 5earning her many awards, titles, & scholarships. Marisa danced on the Oak Park Pommies and UMKC Dance Team, loving the team environment and molding her teaching style.

Marisa earned a BA in Child and Sport Psychology from UMKC in 2004. She has used that education to build her dancers and their self-esteem.

From 2004-2011, Marisa worked with Oak Park High School as the Theatre Department’s Choreographer, Assistant Director, and Pom Pon Coach. While coaching, the Pommies won the National Championship in New York.

In 2007 Marisa married the love of her life, Scott. In 2009 & 2012, Marisa & Scott became the proud parents of Olive and Maxwell. Becoming a Mom sharpened Marisa’s passion for the future of dance in the Northland. Marisa & MDSOD believe deeply in teaching and costuming children appropriately for their age.

Above all, Marisa believes dance is a sport that combines artistry and athleticism. Any person who feels the passion to move is welcome to join her any day!

Alex Pfaff

Alex Pfaff head competitive choreographer and teacher at MDSOD--

Alex Pfaff head competitive choreographer and teacher at MDSOD-

Alex is a head competitive choreographer and teacher at MDSOD. He taught his first class in 1997 and has taught dancers of all levels and ages in tap, hip hop, jazz, partnering, lyrical, ballet and acrobatics.

Alex grew up in the studio and developed a love for the art and challenge of competitive dance. After performing his first solo in competition at age 8, he was hooked. Earning awards and titles throughout his competitive career for dance and acrobatics, until graduation of high school. During this time also participating in the High school theatre department’s many plays and musicals. As well as earning his black belt in the martial style of Kong Soo Do.

Next Alex took a break from dance after graduation to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. After completion of boot camp in San Diego and Marine Combat Training in Camp Pendleton he trained in 29 Palms to become a Ground Communication Specialist. Eventually being placed with the 2nd AABn in Camp Lejune.

After service in the USMC Alex came back to KC and back to MDSOD. When he returned to teaching his style and goals became clear. Focusing in the areas or hip hop, tap, acrobatics and technique. Choreographing and teaching many routines that have taken competitive high scores, over all awards, and special awards.

Alex has a simple philosophy; the job is not to make better more prepared dancers, but to make better more prepared people.

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