Summer Dance Education Camps

Half-Day Camps for Beginning and Intermediate Dancers

Does your child love to dance along with movies and music? Do they have a lot of energy during the summer? These dance camps for boys and girls are perfect for any child interested in dance and acrobats. For our younger students, ages 4 through 12, we are offering a half-day camp from 9am to 12pm. This mini-camp is perfect for the young dancer ready for some new challenges.

Students will get to do tap, jazz, ballet, acrobats, & crafts
all while making new summer friends!

At the end of camp we will do a showcase of what they learned during the week. This is a great way to get your little dancer ready for the full year dance classes! Each dancer will get a Summer Dance Camp t-shirt to wear in the showcase and wear all year long.

Students should be dressed in clothes that allow for a full range of movement. Leotards are welcome but not required. If your dancer has tap or ballet shoes, please bring them in their dance bag. If not, bring a clean pair of tennis shoes & socks for class. Please bring a water bottle. Hair should be secured out of the dancer’s face. No sandals or denim, please.

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